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Some Questions You Might Have

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😂 What?! Is this legit / real / not fake news?
Yes, it is a real thing. It would've been much harder to photoshop those people in those shirts.
So how can I get my own personalized shirt?
Step 1. Go to www.chipotleshirt.com
Step 2. Fill out the form with whatever order options you desire. (And yes, even the most complicated orders will fit on the shirt).
Step 3. Click the Buy Now button!
Congratulations! 🎉 Your very own shirt is on the way :D
Wait, did I hear it's FREE shipping?
Yup! The shirt is a flat cost, shipping included, no matter how crazy (or simple) your order gets. The ONLY exception to the flat-rate rule is sales tax in Ohio, North Carolina, and California.
How long does it take for the shirt to arrive?
Typically between 5 and 10 days after ordering the shirt. No, this isn't Amazon so I can't offer you free 2 day shipping. Sorry to burst your bubble.
What's the sizing like? Does it run large? Small?
These run fairly consistent with normal sizing. Aka: Do you normally wear Large? Then buy a large.
My order is hella complicated, will it even fit on the shirt??
Yup! Every order will fit on the shirt no matter how complicated or simple. It all fits within a 12x18 area, and automatically scales the text appropriately. Go ahead and fill out the form and use the Preview button to find out for yourself.
What payment methods do you accept?
It goes through PayPal, so you can either use a PayPal login OR use any major credit card that PayPal accepts.
How soft are the shirts?
Very. Buy one and find out for yourself!
HELP!!! I don't see an option I usually get when I go into the store!
WAIT! DON'T PANIC! Just email me and I'll get it added ASAP: contact@chipotleshirt.com
Examples of previously fulfilled requests include: Tortilla on the side, cilantro on top, a side of rice, and renaming the salsas to your heart's content.
Can I get a refund if I hate it? Or what about Cancel an accidental order?
That depends, have you received the shirt? If so, email me and let's figure it out.
If the shirt hasn't been shipped out yet, YES I can cancel the order (NOTE: You have about a 24-hour window to cancel the order without issues).
I freakin' love it! Can I show you how it looks?!
Well duh! Reach out to me at contact@chipotleshirt.com and attach a pic. I'd love to see how it fits :)
Do these make excellent gifts?
I don't know, you tell me! Buy one for the recipient of choice, and send me a video of them unboxing/unwrapping the gift. Hilarity will ensue.

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- Alex
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